Cizio is inspired by true events

Set in the rustic village of Alberobello, Italy; Cizio, a nine-year old boy, a natural at playing the accordion, has one passion; to be Batman. His best friends orphan Alfonso and Mariella with Down Syndrome and non verbal, relish their part they play in his dream.

The village becomes a daily captive audience for this mini "Caped Crusader". However his father Ferdinando, who should be his biggest fan, is consumed by jealousy. His mother is too weak so it's up to Cizio's grandmother to stand up to this vengeful man.

Cizio is a star when playing to his audience but when the curtain comes down all the residents become complicit to the rumours to what is happening at home. The story comes to a head when the festival comes to town. The locals encourage Cizio to take centre stage for their own enjoyment unaware of the chain of events that they have started.


The more attention Cizio gains, the more Ferdinando feels lack which leads to unthinkable consequences. It is through close friendships and a resilience that is beyond inspiring that this young soul manages to never let go of his dreams.